Saturday, September 6, 2008

BCC permabloggers can be real @$$holes sometimes

With this post, BCC has finally made it rather clear that they really don't want most normal members of the church around. When you start putting profanity in your post titles, it's clear you really just want to offend people rather than engage in substantive dialogue.

Now, BCC has always claimed they just want to create a space for discussion on various issues, but it's become clear they just like offending people. They likely don't even believe most of what they write (need I say Banner of Heaven?)

Someone needs to wash out Kevin Barney's mouth with some soap. What's next? Kaimi posting on his "Mormons are like manure" insight, only instead of manure he uses the more "earthy" four letter word? He's likely already done that over with his left-the-church-in-all-but-name friends over at FLAK. Doing at BCC wouldn't be that much of a stretch.

(Yeah, yeah Kevin kinda sorta apologizes at the end of the post, but his heart isn't in it. He really just wants kudos about his daring and willingness to shock from the cool kids in the BCC clique. His post just shows that he is one of those cool kids on the net and he wants average, obedient members of the church - he's more nuanced than them anyway - to cower behind a metaphorical rack of clothes at the gaudy, overpriced mall known as the Bloggernacle.)

UPDATE: The expletive has been removed, but Kevin remains unapologetic. He even says "I don't in any way regret using such strong language." See, getting accolades from his buddies in the cool kids clique is more important than, y'know, being civil and all that. Civility is for the unnuanced, unthinking average members of the church, after all.

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