Saturday, September 27, 2008

Why Nine Moons?

Considering how much he kisses up to Steve Evans, it's amazing MCQ gets a perma spot over at the purgatory of Nine Moons. If M* didn't exist, Nine Moons would be the target of all the snark about being a anemic group blog.

Really, why Nine Moons? BCC really should have rewarded MCQ's constant sycophancy with a perma spot. But perhaps Steve and Co. prefer to keep it in the comments, where it helps them feel better about their own posts. I guess once a week posts about how great BCC is would be too meta even for them.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Steve and I are really the same person, so my blogging at BCC would be redundant. As to why Nine Moons, well it's all part of my cyberstalking campaign of Susan M.


Mister Correlation said...

Thank you for the information. That completes step #4,567 in my ultimate quest to dominate the universe.