Monday, September 1, 2008

Dan has finally gone to spam.

Actaully, I have no idea what that phrase might mean, but what (or where) ever "going to spam" is, I think it makes a great description of Dan "the lame democrat."
[Go here and scroll down to comment #12 to see the fun].

At least Dan is admitting he's "gone to spam."

In fact, I propose a new Bloggernacle term: "Gone to Spam" is to be used whenever someone's bizarre and bitter partisan mindset causes them to go so insane that nearly everyone, even those who agree with them, calls them on it (really - check all the threads on Sarah Palin on Mormon Mentality. If Dan hadn't started ranting and raving like a rabid madman - though this is par for Dan's course - the threads would be 90% shorter - and everyone is calling him on it).

Under this description, Adam Greenwood has gone to spam a few times (though he comes back), and Bloggernacle Times got shut down because it went to spam. Heck, FMH basically started out in spam and only became spammier since then.

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Anonymous said...

Gone to spam. Love it, use it, leave it lying around strange blogs.