Monday, April 27, 2009

The answer, of course, is "No, he's a lot worse"

But the real fun in this thread is Blake's intellectual smackdown of Bridget Jack Meyers, who clearly does not have the intellectual chops to even understand the basic issues at stake. I almost feel sorry for her - Blake almost seems like a bully. However, she seems to be able to dish it out and take it, even if she won't see the error of her ways.

Of course, rather than deal with it and re-examine her false conceptions and bad analogies (the gunpowder analogy so totally missed the point so badly that it seems like she really has no clue what the real stakes are in the argument), she takes the discussion in the direction of personal insults (see comment #62). Of course, she later tries to play it off as "My humor tends to be abrasive" - but I'm not buying it. That's clearly an after the fact justification.

UPDATE: Bridget Jack Meyers is clearly unimpressed with my snark. Funny, but I don't recall every claiming to be particularly funny or witty. Sometimes, I just tell the truth. Except when I don't. So, for all those who claim that I shouldn't even try because I'm just not all that clever, I reply: I ain't doing this for you, so I don't care.

[It's also interesting to note that people often think I am possibly somewhat mildly amusing (on occasion) until they become the target of my truth telling. Whether BJM was one of those or not, I don't know, but I have gotten a few e-mails and comments from people who say "you were funny, except that one time you snarked me and/or my friend." Guess what? I matters not one whit to me, as I'm not even real. Get over yourselves already and roll with it.]

Sunday, April 26, 2009

From Bloggernacle to Bloggernacle Correlation: A helpful guide/warning for newcomers

Everyone else is linking to it, and even though she left out a vital category (the snark sites), it's okay for what it is. However, it isn't that helpful for the newbie to the 'Nacle, as the article does not focus on what really makes the 'Nacle blogs the putrid sewers they are. So, here is my supplement to her article.


Allow me to take you on a quick tour of Bloggernacle commentators and permabloggers. This tour of the raging egos that lie in wait to decieve is not going to give you anything more than a cursory understanding of what is available in their warped minds. However, a good map is very possible to provide, as most of them fall into neat and simple categories. Despite all the vaunted rhetoric about nuance and complications, they really all have a fairly Manichean worldview (especially when it comes to politics).

So what types of commentators and permabloggers make up the Bloggernacle? As I previously mentioned, the Bloggernacle changes very little, even when new voices arrive on the scene. new blogs, and even new types of blogs being created all the time. And while you could easily argue about the following characterizations, I totally accurate in my classifications, so get over it already:

Generally Smarter than the rest of you: These commentators, typified by Steve Evans, Kevin Barney (and pretty much everyone at BCC), and [someone else I swore not to mention for one month], are convinced they are more nuanced and more intelligent than you are. They often explicitly say so. They have nothing but disdain for the average, orthodox, believing member. They read books in church because your talks and lessons are boring, and they blog about it.

Hobby Horse above all: Commentators that usually stick to one political or social topic or theme exclusively. They get really annoying, really fast, as everything is seen through the lens of whatever their particular hobby horse is. ECS and the entire crew at Feminist Mormon Housewives are the best examples, but there are others (say, Margaret "It's always about race" Young or Wilifed "Europe is always better than the USA" Decoo).

The truly insane: This is a group that is growing exponentially as more and more insane people take to the web to vent. Steve EM and aloysiusmiller are good examples, as they often defend the indefensible, making excuses for bloody fascists as instruments of God's grace or explaining why chastity is stupid. You can't always blame them, though. It's clear the most insane of them all (such as a certain really good not-Republican who shall remain nameless) are still working out childhood issues by punishing the rest of us. They hope to heap verbal and written abuse on you until you shut up. It's rather sad, actually.

Bizarro conservatives: It's no secret that most Mormons are conservative, but these folks make some members want to become more left wing (at least until they see the left wing commentators and are then driven into madness). These bloggers aren't exclusively political, but when they are you cringe and wish they would just go away. DKL, Adam Greenwood, Ivan Wolfe, and Connor Boyack make excellent examples.

Normal, believing members that represent the best of the church, even though they may be imperfect: I got nothin' here.

Raging, out of control egos that take offense at even the slightest disagreement, but covet and court praise from the fellow commentators: That pretty much covers everyone. This is the meta-category - it includes all of the above and everyone else.


There we go. That should cover it all nicely. This is my supplement to her post over there. I hope it will help everyone out there to make an informed decision about the entire 'Nacle. Of course, for sane people, the only correct decision is: stay far away.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kaimi is a sexist jerk.

The man has same-sex marriage on the brain. He's entitled to his opinion, and a lawyer, he probably know more about the various applicable laws and regulations.

However, his link to the Miss USA debacle shows that, at his core, he's a sexist jerk. What on earth does that comment about the cheeseburger entail? I looked up some pictures of Miss California, and while she's skinny, she's quite attractive and somewhat athletic looking; she does not seem to be too skinny or even anorexic. Yet Kaimi assumes that she must have an eating disorder or something. He's playing on sexist stereotypes about beauty pageant contestants to make a snarky comment about what amounts to another episode of modern blacklisting.

But don't expect anyone else to call him on it. He's so beloved over at Female Mormon Houseflies that he's rendered himself immune from any criticisms of being sexist.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Is Nine Moons in a rut, or are they just unable to come up with any actual content?

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No, the above poll does not actually work. What makes you think I actually care what the results of some internet poll are?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

aloysiusmiller totally jumps the shark while nuking the fridge

aloysiusmiller, who is not Kaimi despite Adam's somewhat tongue-in-cheek claims, has gone beyond even what I would expect of certain other commentators on the other end of the spectrum.

I mean, yes Kaimi puts Communist atrocities in "perspective" claiming they aren't so bad when compared to other things (though claiming death tolls in a war like World War II are even remotely comparable to something like Stalin's purges shows just how deep in loony lefty lala land Kaimi is). But at least left wing shills like Kaimi and Dan the "not crazy at all and totally sane and doesn't need any medication and in no way needs to get over his childhood" Democrat would still consider Communist atrocities "bad things that shouldn't have happened."

Not aloysiusmiller. Nope. aloysiusmiller (I wondered if I should capitalize that, but decided it was a bell hooks type thing) goes where few conservatives would dare go. And I quote:
Pinochet’s takeover of Chile was a real blessing to Chile.

I can't really comment on that. It gets worse from there. It seems to speak for itself. If anyone needed proof it's possible to have right-wingers who are even crazier than left wingers, there it is. Perhaps the DHS should start investigating T&S for possible terrorist ties.

At least aloysiusmiller seems to have found a someone (Dan the "totally cool and awesome" Democrat) to argue with who makes just as much sense.

From here on out, I pledge to ignore them both, just like I ignore Feminine anti-Mormon transvestites or whatever that blog is called. It may make snarking easier, but some targets are just too easy and it gets boring. I need more of a challenge. Plus, at some point, the filth becomes too much. I may wade in the muck and the mire of the 'Nacle, but there's no need for me to ingest the raw sewage created by those types of discourse.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I can't figure it out

Alas, us snarkers must move on. (Though I admit Adam's new blog has become a guilty pleasure. I'm enjoying it too much to snark at it - Adam's wonderfully flip attitude almost immunizes him against snark - almost. We'll see if it lasts).

But, I was looking at the Gulag Archipelago over at, and at first I couldn't figure out their rankings. Why are 9moonies and New Cooler Thing Thang rated as "Isles" whereas M&M* (which, while somewhat lethargic is practically on fire when compared to those other two) is the smaller "Isles of the Sea"?

Why on earth is "Bloggernacle Times" a "Big Island" when it's been dead (killed by Guy Murry and ECS's pathetic and crazed rantings) for over two years?

Also LDS Liberace Front is gone, yet still has a high ranking. Moron Mentality is even more active than MMMMM* or 9barebutts, but has the "Isles of the sea" ranking. Splendid Sun is also defunct, yet is still highly ranked.

But then I looked at the people who run it. That explains it all. Look at where the admins post, and which blogs have the higher rankings.

In other words, the Mormon Gulag Archipelago isn't really about honest rankings of the blogs. It's all about stroking their already inflated egos. Nothing surprising there, I guess. But they should be honest. The about page should have the following sentence "Don't expect accurate rankings - we created this list purely to make ourselves feel important relative to the rest of y'all."

I seem to recall someone talking once about the dangers of "get[ting] no pleasure out of having something, only out of having more of it than the next man. It is the comparison that makes you proud: the pleasure of being above the rest."

Well, that's what the Gulag is all about. Having "more" of it than the next blog, even if it's obviously based on false premises.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

There. Are. No. Words.

I was going to correlate Wilifred's un-nuanced and boringly predictable claim that (once again) Europe is better than America in every way (we get it already, Wilifred - talk about cultural snobbery). ESO and Frank M. add some nuance, which is promptly dismissed. Must stick to the simple narrative, y'know.

But then I saw Adam Greenwood's farewell post.

There. Are. No. Words.

I am at a loss what to say. Clearly, the man has had some mental breakdown brought on by being the lone conservative voice (some might say Frank M. or Nate O. are conservative voices, but no one really understands their jargon laden pseudo-academic & lawyerly econo-speak). While he was clearly a little loopy, he at least brought some semblance of balance to the blog. Now, despite his claims to the contrary, it's clear he was driven out by the progressive puritans currently running the blog.

Further proof of his breakdown can be seen at his new blog, which claims to be a group blog but seems to be written (posts and comments!) by the multiple personalities in Adam's head.

UPDATE: Best comment on this "issue" is from Dan the loony loon of a Democrat. He says it must be Adam's fault because "The dude has many issues, and cannot tolerate dissenting views. He gets angry and lashes out when people dare show even the slightest criticism .." Now, Danny boy, that phrase perfectly describes someone, but it isn't Adam.

ANOTHER UPDATE: It's the gift that keeps on giving! Ardis (who usually seems to be one of the more level headed bloggers) totally melts down and outright calls Adam a liar. Meanwhile, jimbob says what everyone but the super sized egos at T&S and elsewhere know to be true: most of the permafrosters on the 'Nacle glory in being unorthodox and enjoy ridiculing faithful members. He is, of course, promptly insulted in some of the best doublethink and doublespeak I've seen in a long, long while.

Keep it up, y'all. It's fun to watch your collective psychoses clash with your oversized egos.

ONE MORE UPDATE: Most of the threads above have (in rare instances of good judgment) closed comments before they got even nastier. However, DKL has a thread here that is almost (but not quite) as good as Dan the creepy Democrat's projection. He says: "What I dislike second most about the Bloggernacle is how people like Adam Greenwood are able to manipulate their own disgrace into an accusatory examination of another man’s faith."

That's rich, coming from someone who's been banned from other blogs quite often for attacking other people's faith and intellect. And the fact DKL considers his bannings a badge of honor, it's odd to see him attack Adam for, in essence, doing the same thing DKL does all the frakking time.

UPDATES GALORE: Well, somehow I missed this classy bit at BCC. Very classy John C. Didn't your mother ever tell you that "Shut up" was rude? Also - people in the 'Nacle are more concerned with their egos than the gospel. So of course, angsty navel-gazing beats actually living the gospel.

Also, notice how all the recent posts at T&S (even Kaimi's!) since Adam's oh-so-amicable departure, have been straight down the line orthodox-friendly? We'll see how long it lasts. At least until the next big Same-sex marriage case.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This should be fun to watch

Well, not fun really. It's actually quite predictably sad and pathetic.

Kaimi can barely restrain his glee at having SSM legalized, and then the predictable lot of commentators come on board to belittle, insult, and attack the church and the poor benighted fools who actually support the prophet. Don't they realize the Vermont legislature is closer to God than the first presidency?

The fun comes in seeing everyone behave exactly as you would expect them to. They make the obvious jokes (see comment #1), Kaimi insisting that there's not way the church's tax exempt status could ever possibly be in danger (despite activists and politicians calling for exactly that), ECS almost making sense until her last sentence gives it all away (comment #8, where she pretends to be helping out the church but finally reveals she totally opposes it and hopes it fails because she's more devoted to liberal political causes than the gospel).

Expect the insults and derision towards the faithful to increase in volume and tone. And Kaimi will encourage it. He may be crazy, but at least Adam G. has the guts to ban people he agrees with because they get out of hand.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kevin Barney and MCQ and the rest of BCC - shining models of pure Christian Charity

These two comments speak for themselves. Also, look at the comments following the original offending post. There's very little substance - the best they can apparently do is quibble over minor typos. Yes, the original post was over the top and a bit too quick to take offense, but please - do you think BCC could try any harder to portray themselves as an insular clique that has nothing but disdain for the average, orthodox member?

Rather than attempt to understand and resolve concerns, they just ridicule and cast aspersions. Remind me again - who's being all dogmatic and full of their own self-righteousness?

Friday, April 3, 2009

Stay away! Stay far away!

Just remember. Race and the church is Margaret Young's gospel hobby horse, and if you dare to be crazy enough to address the issue, she will heap scorn and condemnation upon you.

BONUS: A translation key to the comment linked to above:

"That’s my area" = IT'S MY PRECIOUS! Sneaky little FAIRises. Wicked, tricksy, false!

"false material and bad sources" = came to a different conclusion than the all knowing, all powerful, all seeing Margaret Young.

Remember, it's her area. Not yours. If you disagree, you stink.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Glenn Beck Fever!

It's everywhere. Besides Dan's insane ravings (which Julie should have closed the thread as soon as it was obvious what was happening, but it's not surprising she didn't, since it's clear she shares his bizarre far-left worldview), the Immature Deconstructors have a post that sounds all academic and stuff but really just means "boy, that Glenn Beck guy sure is weird and scary." (Best part of the comments - Chris H. calling Beck "scary," Mark D. calling him on it, the unobservant Christopher claiming no one called Beck scary, and then Christopher realizing he's wrong but deciding that Beck really is scary so it doesn't matter - no self awareness there. Second best part, Christopher thanking someone for being a socialist while at the same time revealing just how far into nutty left-wing land he really is by showing he has no idea that there are different degrees of socialism. Seriously, Christopher, one does not have to be a hard core Stalinist or Marxist to be a soft-core socialist lite like Obama).

And though it's not really in the Bloggernacle, this post over at Religion in American History features a guest appearance by Christopher, once again using academic phrasing to insult Beck.

In tribute to the Bloggernacle's new obsession, I've written a song. Here is Glenn Beck Fever:

Well I don't know where he comes from
But he sure is a weirdo
He thinks they're all coming for us
And I don't know how he does it
Getting higher ratings than I think he should
He should be cast out on the street

He gives me Glenn Beck Fever
Glenn Beck Fever

The first time that I saw him
I was just a simple blogger
I noticed he read Skousen
I don't actually read Skousen
But I have the cure
The church needs to be more liberal

He gives me Glenn Beck Fever
Glenn Beck Fever

He's really dangerous
I'm full of pain
The church needs to change
You know we need to when Glenn Beck is insane
He's just a grown man cryin' cryin'
When he tells his conversion story

That's just wrong
He's too crazed to be taken seriously
Everyone should take their doctrine from me
I know just where to go
Stay away from strong doctrine
The truth won't set you free (only academic theory can do that)

He gives me Glenn Beck Fever
Glenn Beck Fever

On second thought, perhaps I should give up my dream of becoming a Broadway lyricist.