Friday, September 12, 2008

Dan and DKL deserve each other.

(scroll down and read comments #82 & 86).

DKL has (finally) threatened to ban Dan the lame Democrat. anon-Dan-spam declares he no longer has any love for DKL's blog (as if he ever did).

Whatever. They're like crack addicts. They need each other. Their rudeness, lack of respect for other commentators and each other, and general air of incivility only increases the more they battle.

Go to MM and read the last few posts on politics. Read Dan and DKL's comments (Notice the swearing in particular).

They deserve each other. Please, DKL - don't ban Dan! And Dan - don't leave MM! Where else will I go to entertain myself by watching two guys self-destruct as they attack each other in ever more meaningless ways?

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