Thursday, June 25, 2009

Best! Comment! Ever!

Yes, this crosses over with my last post, and I usually try not to snark/correlate the same (or mostly the same) people twice in a row, but Geoff B. over at M.C. Millenial and D.J. Star just posted the comment of the Millennium!

Geoff tends to be a little abrasive at times with his "I used to be a liberal but then I saw the light" shtick, but after reading that comment, I really wish the rest of the 'Nacle would follow his example. It would improve things quite a bit (though things on the 'Nacle are still broken, overall).

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Pattern Emerges!

One of T&S's (very few) redeeming features is their sidebar, where they occasionally post something of interest and relevance.

Then they re-started their weekly "Notes from All Over" main post, where readers could comment on their links.

Bad idea. Go ahead. Read the first five comments on a few. Notice a pattern?

It's hard to take Tea & esS seriously when the crazy people take over the discussion before it even starts. And it's always the same crazy people, always ranting about the same crazy things. They can't even be amusingly insane, or uniquely insane, or creatively insane. That's the real problem with hardcore insanity - it's rarely original or interesting. It's mostly boring and annoying.

Which is why I blog about it, and why my blogging is so boring and annoying. I work with the materials I have been given.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Actually, I hear he has the best forward pass, like, ever!


DKL, once again, claiming to be smarter than God. (Christ is God, after all - read your scriptures).

I mean, really, damn.

And by that, I mean, that's what's going to happen to DKL - A mighty and fierce damning will be smacked down on DKL from on high.

The first person who claimed to be smarter than God (by claiming he had a better plan than God did) - well, look what happened to him. Not a good precedent.

Good luck with that, DKL. I'm sure at the judgment bar, God will let you take the judgment seat since you clearly know more than he does. When it comes time for Jesus to step in a redeem you from your sins - well, don't be surprised if he says "I only redeem those who don't know as much as I do. Since I'm omniscient, I thought that was all of humanity. But you clearly know even more than me - so, good luck attempting to redeem yourself."

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kaimi intends to create a theocracy.

It's been over a month, so I can talk about Kaimi now.

It's quite clear he wants to institute a theocracy
, where judges make rulings based on scripture instead of the law.

I always thought it was those darn conservatives who were out to usurp the rule of law and install a pastor-in-chief who would make judicial appointments based on biblical requirements. But, nope, it looks like it's those darn progressive types like Kaimi who are most interested in a theocracy (interesting, since it's clear that Kaimi doesn't actually believe the scriptures. It's almost enough to make one cynical about his real motivations).

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Man shall not be punished for his own sins, but those of his ancestors.

I was afraid Margaret Young had taken over Keepakeepanon. It was not so, but all I have to say is:

I'm very glad I'm not real and thus have no ancestors. If I did, Ardis might find something terrible my great-great grandfather did and then post it on the internet, with the strong suggestion I do something about it. I don't recall any general conference talks about how we are required to repent of our ancestors' sins. But don't worry. There are dedicated folks who will make sure we are aware we are all vile sinners because of things someone else did.