Saturday, September 27, 2008

Why Nine Moons?

Considering how much he kisses up to Steve Evans, it's amazing MCQ gets a perma spot over at the purgatory of Nine Moons. If M* didn't exist, Nine Moons would be the target of all the snark about being a anemic group blog.

Really, why Nine Moons? BCC really should have rewarded MCQ's constant sycophancy with a perma spot. But perhaps Steve and Co. prefer to keep it in the comments, where it helps them feel better about their own posts. I guess once a week posts about how great BCC is would be too meta even for them.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

You lost me at "subverts social hierarchies and rejects established power structures"

How can you tell J. Nelson-Seawright's latest post is intended to ingratiate himself among the Bloggernacle intelligentsia rather than make a significant point about a controversial topic?

The phrase "subverts social hierarchies and rejects established power structures." At that point, 99% of the membership (if they even got that far) would roll their eyes and go do something more important like help the widow down the street clean her rain gutters.

The entire post can be summarized thus: "Look how cool and nuanced I am. Please lavish praise upon me. I crave your approval."

[Notice how they call Adam un-Christlike because Adam actually espouses the church's position. Then they ban him when he calls them on it. Now, Adam is quite bizarre, I grant you (though not nearly as bizarre as anon-Dan-spam the lame Democrat), but he deserves better. Actually, now that I think about it, he doesn't.]

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Julie M. Smith Scares Me.

She belongs to a violent church that was involved in a horrific massacre.

She drives like a madwoman.

She reads softcore p*rn.

She eats too much junk food.

All that and she's a racist: she's compared a black man to a donkey.

Like, I said. Scary.

(If you think my post is unfair: Well, I extend to her the same amount of charity she's willing to extend to a certain female politician).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And the answer is:

Well, most active, believing Mormons have a nice sense of humor. However, the humorless dolts who make up the self-important Bloggernacle have no real sense of humor - just their unholy pride (especially given the lame attempts to make some funny in the comments. Thanks all, you just proved my point).

So, depending on the "we" the answer can be yes or no. "We" = Mormons, than we are funny. We = Cool Kids Clique known as the Bloggernacle, the answer is "no, we're not funny" (because real humor requires self-awareness, a trait lacking in the rarefied stench of the 'Nacle).

Friday, September 12, 2008

Dan and DKL deserve each other.

(scroll down and read comments #82 & 86).

DKL has (finally) threatened to ban Dan the lame Democrat. anon-Dan-spam declares he no longer has any love for DKL's blog (as if he ever did).

Whatever. They're like crack addicts. They need each other. Their rudeness, lack of respect for other commentators and each other, and general air of incivility only increases the more they battle.

Go to MM and read the last few posts on politics. Read Dan and DKL's comments (Notice the swearing in particular).

They deserve each other. Please, DKL - don't ban Dan! And Dan - don't leave MM! Where else will I go to entertain myself by watching two guys self-destruct as they attack each other in ever more meaningless ways?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Julie Smith proves that Mormons aren't Christian!

First, she links the sidebar at T&S to a rather innocuous video, with the phrase "Sarah Palin scares me." When called on it over at M*, (read the comments, which M* doesn't have individual links for) she declares that Palin's beliefs "speak to a worldview that scares the daylights out of me."

Now, Julie claims that Palin said it was "God’s work to build a pipeline, God’s work to be in Iraq" - but that's disingenuous and dishonest of Julie. What Palin really said was more along the lines of "we have to make sure we are praying for, that there is a plan, and that plan is God’s plan" in regards to Iraq and the Pipeline, etc.

In other words, a rather boilerplate, generic declaration that we pray that whatever happens, it be God's will.

That is such a basic Christian sentiment, regardless of your politics. The only people who should be scared by such innocuous and generic "not our will but thine be done" prayifying are those who don't share such a worldview.

In other words, non-Christians. Well, Julie just proved she isn't a Christian. In fact, those Christians scare her, what with their belief in God and hope that, whatever happens, it works to fulfill his will.

And since Julie is a Mormon, this proves that Mormons aren't Christian after all.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I Would Read Nine Moons If They Didn’t Make Me Puke

I was considering just posting this at on a thread on their blog, but you know, I can't. At some point in the past, I kind sorta enjoyed Nine Moons, but a question keeps popping in my head: What happened to this once marginally passable blog?

So, why will I no longer read Nine Moons?

1. Their own God

When Nine Moonies talk about God, it's generally not any God that normal members of the church would recognize. They might as well start their own sect. I could see a Church of Jesus Christ (Nine Moons).

2. The Blog First.

Really, doesn't it seem their real loyalty is to their blog and not the Lord's church? They're like 4 year olds who love their mommies without any critical discernment. Everything their blog does is great, all of their opinions are amazing and well thought out, and they can do no wrong (in their immature eyes, that is).

3. Lack of posting

Basically, if I check in once every three months, everything new will still be on the front page.

Actually, that a good thing, now that I think about. Everyone in the 'Nacle should follow this example and post less. In fact, they should all go the extra mile in this and not post at all. Their families and the poor and needy of the earth need them.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

BCC permabloggers can be real @$$holes sometimes

With this post, BCC has finally made it rather clear that they really don't want most normal members of the church around. When you start putting profanity in your post titles, it's clear you really just want to offend people rather than engage in substantive dialogue.

Now, BCC has always claimed they just want to create a space for discussion on various issues, but it's become clear they just like offending people. They likely don't even believe most of what they write (need I say Banner of Heaven?)

Someone needs to wash out Kevin Barney's mouth with some soap. What's next? Kaimi posting on his "Mormons are like manure" insight, only instead of manure he uses the more "earthy" four letter word? He's likely already done that over with his left-the-church-in-all-but-name friends over at FLAK. Doing at BCC wouldn't be that much of a stretch.

(Yeah, yeah Kevin kinda sorta apologizes at the end of the post, but his heart isn't in it. He really just wants kudos about his daring and willingness to shock from the cool kids in the BCC clique. His post just shows that he is one of those cool kids on the net and he wants average, obedient members of the church - he's more nuanced than them anyway - to cower behind a metaphorical rack of clothes at the gaudy, overpriced mall known as the Bloggernacle.)

UPDATE: The expletive has been removed, but Kevin remains unapologetic. He even says "I don't in any way regret using such strong language." See, getting accolades from his buddies in the cool kids clique is more important than, y'know, being civil and all that. Civility is for the unnuanced, unthinking average members of the church, after all.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Dan has finally gone to spam.

Actaully, I have no idea what that phrase might mean, but what (or where) ever "going to spam" is, I think it makes a great description of Dan "the lame democrat."
[Go here and scroll down to comment #12 to see the fun].

At least Dan is admitting he's "gone to spam."

In fact, I propose a new Bloggernacle term: "Gone to Spam" is to be used whenever someone's bizarre and bitter partisan mindset causes them to go so insane that nearly everyone, even those who agree with them, calls them on it (really - check all the threads on Sarah Palin on Mormon Mentality. If Dan hadn't started ranting and raving like a rabid madman - though this is par for Dan's course - the threads would be 90% shorter - and everyone is calling him on it).

Under this description, Adam Greenwood has gone to spam a few times (though he comes back), and Bloggernacle Times got shut down because it went to spam. Heck, FMH basically started out in spam and only became spammier since then.