Sunday, September 7, 2008

I Would Read Nine Moons If They Didn’t Make Me Puke

I was considering just posting this at on a thread on their blog, but you know, I can't. At some point in the past, I kind sorta enjoyed Nine Moons, but a question keeps popping in my head: What happened to this once marginally passable blog?

So, why will I no longer read Nine Moons?

1. Their own God

When Nine Moonies talk about God, it's generally not any God that normal members of the church would recognize. They might as well start their own sect. I could see a Church of Jesus Christ (Nine Moons).

2. The Blog First.

Really, doesn't it seem their real loyalty is to their blog and not the Lord's church? They're like 4 year olds who love their mommies without any critical discernment. Everything their blog does is great, all of their opinions are amazing and well thought out, and they can do no wrong (in their immature eyes, that is).

3. Lack of posting

Basically, if I check in once every three months, everything new will still be on the front page.

Actually, that a good thing, now that I think about. Everyone in the 'Nacle should follow this example and post less. In fact, they should all go the extra mile in this and not post at all. Their families and the poor and needy of the earth need them.

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