Thursday, September 18, 2008

Julie M. Smith Scares Me.

She belongs to a violent church that was involved in a horrific massacre.

She drives like a madwoman.

She reads softcore p*rn.

She eats too much junk food.

All that and she's a racist: she's compared a black man to a donkey.

Like, I said. Scary.

(If you think my post is unfair: Well, I extend to her the same amount of charity she's willing to extend to a certain female politician).


Anonymous said...

You can't hate Julie. Everyone loves Julie. She's wonderful. She's insightful. She is always right. If you hate Julie people will come and get you.

Mister Correlation said...

They already have. I post using a concealed blackberry from a prison cell in a left-wing commune.

But, I figure they'll let me out as soon as they realize I'm not really here.