Monday, August 11, 2008

Kevin Barney sets himself up as a light unto the benighted members of the church

Kevin Barney's latest, correlated into one sentence. "I'm Smarter, more educated, and all around a better person than the majority of people who actually keep the commandments and believe what the church teaches."

Don't believe me? Think it's unfair? Then I'll use Barney's own words. His thesis boils down to this one sentence: "my belief is more nuanced and complicated than the average orthodox member’s belief."

The average, obedient, hard-working, believing member is nothing (NOTHING, I tell you) compared to Barney's amazing awesomeness.

Just keep that in mind. Keep patting yourself on the back on how classy you are, Kevin.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought the whole "ecumenical" post was a bit much, but the sentence you highlighted was just over the top. One of my beefs with the bloggernacle is just how incredibly nuanced and complicated we all think we are. Ick.

Stephen said...

Or at least we hope to be ;)

Nat Whilk said...

The Snarker is dead. Long live the Snarker!

But seriously, thanks for this blog; it will help me retain my sanity at least a little while longer. The odd thing is that Kevin and others like him in the Bloggernacle seem to have no clue whatsoever how insufferable they come across.

Curtis said...

yeah kevin you are the shit, dick. call or email me or something.