Thursday, April 2, 2009

Glenn Beck Fever!

It's everywhere. Besides Dan's insane ravings (which Julie should have closed the thread as soon as it was obvious what was happening, but it's not surprising she didn't, since it's clear she shares his bizarre far-left worldview), the Immature Deconstructors have a post that sounds all academic and stuff but really just means "boy, that Glenn Beck guy sure is weird and scary." (Best part of the comments - Chris H. calling Beck "scary," Mark D. calling him on it, the unobservant Christopher claiming no one called Beck scary, and then Christopher realizing he's wrong but deciding that Beck really is scary so it doesn't matter - no self awareness there. Second best part, Christopher thanking someone for being a socialist while at the same time revealing just how far into nutty left-wing land he really is by showing he has no idea that there are different degrees of socialism. Seriously, Christopher, one does not have to be a hard core Stalinist or Marxist to be a soft-core socialist lite like Obama).

And though it's not really in the Bloggernacle, this post over at Religion in American History features a guest appearance by Christopher, once again using academic phrasing to insult Beck.

In tribute to the Bloggernacle's new obsession, I've written a song. Here is Glenn Beck Fever:

Well I don't know where he comes from
But he sure is a weirdo
He thinks they're all coming for us
And I don't know how he does it
Getting higher ratings than I think he should
He should be cast out on the street

He gives me Glenn Beck Fever
Glenn Beck Fever

The first time that I saw him
I was just a simple blogger
I noticed he read Skousen
I don't actually read Skousen
But I have the cure
The church needs to be more liberal

He gives me Glenn Beck Fever
Glenn Beck Fever

He's really dangerous
I'm full of pain
The church needs to change
You know we need to when Glenn Beck is insane
He's just a grown man cryin' cryin'
When he tells his conversion story

That's just wrong
He's too crazed to be taken seriously
Everyone should take their doctrine from me
I know just where to go
Stay away from strong doctrine
The truth won't set you free (only academic theory can do that)

He gives me Glenn Beck Fever
Glenn Beck Fever

On second thought, perhaps I should give up my dream of becoming a Broadway lyricist.

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madhousewife said...

Well, it may not scan, but it shows promise. I like it.