Friday, April 3, 2009

Stay away! Stay far away!

Just remember. Race and the church is Margaret Young's gospel hobby horse, and if you dare to be crazy enough to address the issue, she will heap scorn and condemnation upon you.

BONUS: A translation key to the comment linked to above:

"That’s my area" = IT'S MY PRECIOUS! Sneaky little FAIRises. Wicked, tricksy, false!

"false material and bad sources" = came to a different conclusion than the all knowing, all powerful, all seeing Margaret Young.

Remember, it's her area. Not yours. If you disagree, you stink.


Anonymous said...

All hail the great white mother! Without her lights, blacks will never come to terms with the racism in the church. She is the reason they are baptized, and the reason they stay.

Anonymous2 said...

I'm pretty sure Mags's husband is in an MTC branch presidency. I remember reading on one of the big blogs where someone suggested they show her movie to missionaries at the MTC. She demurred.

'Cause, what would happen to the 'naccle if we couldn't bi*** and moan about (and remind ourselves of our superiority to) all those silly missionaries who still believe in anachronistic ideas like "faith" and "obedience" and "revelation" and "Lord's anointed"?