Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This should be fun to watch

Well, not fun really. It's actually quite predictably sad and pathetic.

Kaimi can barely restrain his glee at having SSM legalized, and then the predictable lot of commentators come on board to belittle, insult, and attack the church and the poor benighted fools who actually support the prophet. Don't they realize the Vermont legislature is closer to God than the first presidency?

The fun comes in seeing everyone behave exactly as you would expect them to. They make the obvious jokes (see comment #1), Kaimi insisting that there's not way the church's tax exempt status could ever possibly be in danger (despite activists and politicians calling for exactly that), ECS almost making sense until her last sentence gives it all away (comment #8, where she pretends to be helping out the church but finally reveals she totally opposes it and hopes it fails because she's more devoted to liberal political causes than the gospel).

Expect the insults and derision towards the faithful to increase in volume and tone. And Kaimi will encourage it. He may be crazy, but at least Adam G. has the guts to ban people he agrees with because they get out of hand.

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