Sunday, April 26, 2009

From Bloggernacle to Bloggernacle Correlation: A helpful guide/warning for newcomers

Everyone else is linking to it, and even though she left out a vital category (the snark sites), it's okay for what it is. However, it isn't that helpful for the newbie to the 'Nacle, as the article does not focus on what really makes the 'Nacle blogs the putrid sewers they are. So, here is my supplement to her article.


Allow me to take you on a quick tour of Bloggernacle commentators and permabloggers. This tour of the raging egos that lie in wait to decieve is not going to give you anything more than a cursory understanding of what is available in their warped minds. However, a good map is very possible to provide, as most of them fall into neat and simple categories. Despite all the vaunted rhetoric about nuance and complications, they really all have a fairly Manichean worldview (especially when it comes to politics).

So what types of commentators and permabloggers make up the Bloggernacle? As I previously mentioned, the Bloggernacle changes very little, even when new voices arrive on the scene. new blogs, and even new types of blogs being created all the time. And while you could easily argue about the following characterizations, I totally accurate in my classifications, so get over it already:

Generally Smarter than the rest of you: These commentators, typified by Steve Evans, Kevin Barney (and pretty much everyone at BCC), and [someone else I swore not to mention for one month], are convinced they are more nuanced and more intelligent than you are. They often explicitly say so. They have nothing but disdain for the average, orthodox, believing member. They read books in church because your talks and lessons are boring, and they blog about it.

Hobby Horse above all: Commentators that usually stick to one political or social topic or theme exclusively. They get really annoying, really fast, as everything is seen through the lens of whatever their particular hobby horse is. ECS and the entire crew at Feminist Mormon Housewives are the best examples, but there are others (say, Margaret "It's always about race" Young or Wilifed "Europe is always better than the USA" Decoo).

The truly insane: This is a group that is growing exponentially as more and more insane people take to the web to vent. Steve EM and aloysiusmiller are good examples, as they often defend the indefensible, making excuses for bloody fascists as instruments of God's grace or explaining why chastity is stupid. You can't always blame them, though. It's clear the most insane of them all (such as a certain really good not-Republican who shall remain nameless) are still working out childhood issues by punishing the rest of us. They hope to heap verbal and written abuse on you until you shut up. It's rather sad, actually.

Bizarro conservatives: It's no secret that most Mormons are conservative, but these folks make some members want to become more left wing (at least until they see the left wing commentators and are then driven into madness). These bloggers aren't exclusively political, but when they are you cringe and wish they would just go away. DKL, Adam Greenwood, Ivan Wolfe, and Connor Boyack make excellent examples.

Normal, believing members that represent the best of the church, even though they may be imperfect: I got nothin' here.

Raging, out of control egos that take offense at even the slightest disagreement, but covet and court praise from the fellow commentators: That pretty much covers everyone. This is the meta-category - it includes all of the above and everyone else.


There we go. That should cover it all nicely. This is my supplement to her post over there. I hope it will help everyone out there to make an informed decision about the entire 'Nacle. Of course, for sane people, the only correct decision is: stay far away.


Anonymous said...

I like it. Neat, clean, comprehensive, this has real possibilities of actually being helpful to someone looking to find out what the nacle is about. It's far too short, though.

Dan said...

(such as a certain really good not-Republican who shall remain nameless)Woohoo! I knew you would not fail to include me. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to think of myself more as a hobby herd. Conservatism is only one of my hang-ups.

-Adam Greenwood