Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've never watched Glenn Beck

and he may be as crazy as they say. But given all the hate he's getting on this thread, my guess is that he's probably okay. I mean, when Dan the psychotic Democrat declares that you are insane, you're either so far gone that you aren't even human, or you're perfectly normal but conservative.

If by their enemies you shall know them, Beck's looking just fine to me right now. I might change my mind after I dart over to youtube and watch some clips, but I doubt it.

UPDATE: It's only gotten worse since I posted this. Dan has taken over the thread, insulting everyone that is to the right of him. And then Kaimi comes on and tries to put Communist atrocities in some "perspective." Frankly, I think Kaimi just wants to justify wearing his Che T-shirt in public.

And Dan really should be banned. He ruins every thread he comments on. The only reason he's tolerated is that most of the permafrosters at T&S, BCC, etc. agree with his politics, and he allows them to seem reasonable by comparison. Didn't Dan declare he was retiring from blogs or something at one point? That was the best idea EVER! Too bad it didn't take.


David H. Sundwall said...


I've never been a big fan of him either but you've got a point.

Anonymous said...

"when Dan the psychotic Democrat declares that you are insane, you're either so far gone that you aren't even human, or you're perfectly normal but conservative."

Actually, neither. Being called insane by Dan is the equivalent of a degree from an ivy leage college.

Mister Correlation said...

anon -

Hmm. If I though an Ivy League degree was a good thing, I might agree.

Anonymous2 said...

What's especially enjoyable is Dan's complaint about Beck being "vulgar". What kind of Bloggernacle does Dan think he's talking to? Hasn't he seen your recent correlation of BCC?

Anonymous2 said...

Oh! Aloysiusmiller nailed it!

"When people disagree on issues with a conservative, even a hyperbolic one like Glenn Beck, its just a disagreement. When someone goes off on a conservative like Glenn Beck I see a dysfunctional boob who probably has issues with everyone in his life. I would bet on it."

Mister Correlation said...

anon2 -

Considering Dan loves to use cuss words when he comments in the 'Nacle (I've seen him use a few at M* and Mormon Mental Cases - I mean Mentality). He is one of the most vulgar commentators out there. Talk about motes, beams, eyes, and casting stones.

Anonymous said...

Here is how I see it:
Dan has a little blog.
Dan is envious of big blogs.
Dan's blog doesn't get a lot of traffic/commenst.
Dan threadjacks other blogs to promote ideas he posts on his blog.
Dan disagrees with ALL conservatives and calls them lunatics/idiots/dopes/etc.
Dan is a liar (promised to give up political blogging--didn't keep his word).
Dan labels anyone who disagrees with him as an idiot.
Dan is an idiot.

Dan said...

ah, I've missed being snarked. I guess I should write more about Glenn Beck...

Anonymous2 said...

Just as long as you do it somewhere besides your own blog. (Gotta make sure someone actually sees it, you know.)