Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kevin Barney and MCQ and the rest of BCC - shining models of pure Christian Charity

These two comments speak for themselves. Also, look at the comments following the original offending post. There's very little substance - the best they can apparently do is quibble over minor typos. Yes, the original post was over the top and a bit too quick to take offense, but please - do you think BCC could try any harder to portray themselves as an insular clique that has nothing but disdain for the average, orthodox member?

Rather than attempt to understand and resolve concerns, they just ridicule and cast aspersions. Remind me again - who's being all dogmatic and full of their own self-righteousness?


Anonymous said...

Listen jerkwad, if you don't like the way my posse rolls, you can just shove it up your pontificating dress. Besides, that AZ freak didn't even hang around to talk about her complaints. It was just a drive-by egging by a grouch. Average orthodox member? Says who?

Mister Correlation said...

I hereby declare that the most awesome comment I have yet had at this blog.

Anonymous2 said...

Evans is touchy this morning, ain't he?