Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kaimi is a sexist jerk.

The man has same-sex marriage on the brain. He's entitled to his opinion, and a lawyer, he probably know more about the various applicable laws and regulations.

However, his link to the Miss USA debacle shows that, at his core, he's a sexist jerk. What on earth does that comment about the cheeseburger entail? I looked up some pictures of Miss California, and while she's skinny, she's quite attractive and somewhat athletic looking; she does not seem to be too skinny or even anorexic. Yet Kaimi assumes that she must have an eating disorder or something. He's playing on sexist stereotypes about beauty pageant contestants to make a snarky comment about what amounts to another episode of modern blacklisting.

But don't expect anyone else to call him on it. He's so beloved over at Female Mormon Houseflies that he's rendered himself immune from any criticisms of being sexist.


Anonymous2 said...

FMHrs hate beauty pageants, so Kaimi's just living up to his persona.

Now, if Kaimi had made a post built on the assumption that women shouldn't participate in--say--pornography, then we'd be seeing a break between him and his core constituency.

Anonymous2 said...

(For clarity: the "core constituency" being the permas over at FMH who believe that since the LDS male hierarchy condemns pornography, the practice must not really be that bad.)

Mister Correlation said...

Oh, I'm sure that if Kaimin took a stance against P*rn-o-graphy, thost at FMH, BCC, ExII, and elsewhere would find someway to justify it and keep him in the fold. See, the only people who can be wrong or hypocritical are the orthodox, conservative people in the church. Liberals and Cafeteria "Liahona" type Mormons are immune from such accusations because -

well, because they are more committed to their politics and precious academic theories than they are to the Gospel.

Anonymous said...

Are you really going to keep doing these kinds of posts? Every time you mention Kaimi, I get a deep sense of cognitive dissonance.

Mister Correlation said...

I'm not sure what you mean by "these kinds of posts." All my posts are these kinds of posts, methinks.

As for cognitive dissonance, I prefer to think of it as either doublethink or perhaps an undigested bit of beef and a fragment of an underdone potato.

Unless you think I actually am Kaimi, which would be weird (since I am not a real person. I'm an immaterial construct that exists only in and between the tubes of the interwebs).

Mister Correlation said...

Although, looking at my most recent posts, I have mentioned Kaimi more often than I should.

Therefore, I decree a Kaimi free holiday! I shall not mention him in the blog for one month (unless, of course, he does something spectacularly bizarre - but there, it would have to be Adam Greenwood leaving T&S levels of bizarreness).