Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Special Sidebar Edition

The sidebars/sideblogs that link to supposedly interesting links, especially when they show that someone at the blog has a pathological agenda or clearly lets the pundits do their thinking for them. I actually like Times and Seasonings and Mormon Mentalcases because they at least put the name of the person adding the link. BCC and M* do not, though this is understandable, as their sidebar links tend to be the most insane.

Here are some recent ones that highlight the permafrosters inability to critically think or analyze:
* At BCC, a link to an article built on a falsehood. There are two Sarah Palins out there: 1). The real one, which has never claimed abstinence only education is the only way to go (“I’m pro-contraception, and I think kids who may not hear about it at home should hear about it in other avenues,” she said during a debate in Juneau) and 2). the one the loony left has invented in order to justify their misogyny. Guess which one of those Palins someone at BCC believes in?

* I have no idea why Marc at T&S would think anyone cares about "calendar guy." That loser has already had his 15 and a half minutes of fame. He's not a heroic martyr or a persecuted artist - he's a frickin' loser. Marc must have stock in the guy's company or something.

* At M&M*, a contradiction in terms. It's likely a tax dodge or something. I hate socialism, but realize capitalism is built on greed. As Orson Scott Card once said, capitalism is the most evil of economic systems, except for all the others. "A good capitalist" is a contradiction in terms. The best we can hope for is "not too evil." Read up on what the scriptures say about wealth sometime, people.

* Triplespeak alert! When DKL links to something, it usually an extreme outlier case that he wants to portray as typical and ordinary (sort of like DKL himself - he's an extreme outlier who thinks he's normal - though it may be relative. Compared to Dan the double plus ungood Democrat, DKL is a font of normalcy).


Anonymous said...

I think caledar guy is interesting, because the Church seems to be going out of its way to whack him. Why take away his degree? He's already been exed, for whatever reason, and he already walked in his ceremony and presumably completed the requirements for his degree. It seems beyond silly to deny him his certificate. The Church is making a martyr out of a nobody, and getting him all kinds of sympathy that he would never otherwise have.

Mister Correlation said...

Oh, no doubt BYU (as it is wont to do) has badly botched how they handled the case.

I just can't bring myself to care. Calendar dude is so clearly a lame-oid loser, there's just no interest here in how it turns out.

Yeah, yeah - even the most unworthy should receive a fair treatment, etc. etc. But this is BYU, after all. If BYU had a history of being scrupulously fair and open, you might have a point.