Friday, February 20, 2009

I know I just correlated Wilifred two posts ago

But this smackdown was so hard, and so complete, I had to take note of it.

Wilifred, who is the font of all wisdom, the European sage who sees clearer than we benighted Americans, who constantly tells long, well-written stories intended to lambast white American Mormons for their narrow mindedness, lack of critical thinking, and parochialism -

Wilifred, the man everyone in the 'Nacle loves and who constantly compares America to some ideal version of Europe that really only exists in the heads of the privileged European elite (which Wilifred either belongs to or aspires to) -

well, he posted an approving link to one of the most fradulent, idiotic, and silly stories to come out of Time magazine. Why? Because it appealed to his liberal, elite European biases.

Adam Greenwood almost immediately shows that Wilifred suffers from all the same problems Wilifred pretends only Americans have.

That, combined with this lovely fisking of the Time article by GetReligion (a good quote: "it’s beyond absurd, for anyone who knows about the legislative process and how quickly a bill can become a law (particularly with this Congress!) to suggest that groups are only allowed to lobby once a bill is in committee") -

Well, it's clear Wilifred is just like the rest of the 'Nacle: Self-absorbed, willing to believe almost anything that confirms his own biases, and too judgmental of others (especially conservatives). The big difference is that Wilifred is an elite European, whereas most of the rest of the 'Nacle merely want to be one.

UPDATE: Showing himself to be even more clueless and close minded than I thought, Wilifred insists that he's right on this issue, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Seriously, Wilifred. Go read intelligent stuff by people other than your ideological peers. It does exist, even though you keep ignoring it. Apparently you wouldn't want to upset your world view.

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