Friday, February 27, 2009

The answer to that question is. . .

The answer to ESO's question is just a tad too obvious.

Instead, I'll let Adam Greenwood describe the attitude most people in the 'Nacle have about church. His first two paragraphs are concise and accurately summarize 99% of the discourse in the 'Nacle.

In other words, ESO asked the wrong question. The true question to ask is:
"Just how much more self-righteous and despising of your fellow saints at Church have you become because of reading the Bloggernacle?"


Anonymous said...

Of course, the ironic thing about Adam's post is that if he really means it, he will have to repent of literally every comment he has ever made. Mr. Greenwood talks down to people more than anybody.

Anonymous said...

Reading the nacle doesn't make you self-righteous. Writing a self-righteous blog might, but in that case, you had to be self-righteous in the first place.

Mister Correlation said...

1st anon - true dat.

2nd anon - there's a reason I said "more self-righteous" - it's a comparative term, meaning they started out so, but the 'Nacle makes them worse. Work on those close reading skills sometime.