Thursday, September 9, 2010

Well, I'm back!!!!

Hey, showing that even the Snarkers aren't immune to getting their trousers in a twist and their bras in a bunch and their boxers in a brief (wait - does that even make sense????), it appears that when I wasn't looking, I was somehow removed from Snarkernacle, and all my posts have vanished.

Well, they are welcome to it. Whatever makes 'em happy. I honestly never understood why I was invited over, but considering the blog make the ninety and nine moonshiners look like a banshee on caffeine (now the most recent post is from January! and my similes make even less sense now!), y'know - whatever.

So, I'm back here. It's too bad I lost those posts over there - I wouldn't have minded migrating them over here. Oh, well, even we incorporeal types make mistakes.

Onward and upward, tally and what ho!

1 comment:

bloggernacleburner said...

You'll always be my favorite, ducks!