Thursday, September 30, 2010

Apparently, no one commenting

So, they're so passionate for moderation, them there Jon Stewart fans that they're

1.  Comparing conservatives to Nazis (#71)

2.  Calling the Tea Party a bunch of "raving lunatics" (#75)

3.  An admission by the post writer he doesn't 'get' conservatism, i.e., his moderation is all a sham (#60)

 (I'd mention Adam Greenwood's calls for violence in #7, but I don't think he was actually serious.  It's very odd that Kent in #26 seems to take it seriously, showing the man has no sense of humor - it ties in with his refusal to even consider that conservative ideas have any merit).

In sum, Kent Larsen's plan to restore moderation is for all the right wingers to shut up and go away.

I totally agree.  Except that I'd add - everyone else in the 'Nacle should also shut up and go away.

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