Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Man shall not be punished for his own sins, but those of his ancestors.

I was afraid Margaret Young had taken over Keepakeepanon. It was not so, but all I have to say is:

I'm very glad I'm not real and thus have no ancestors. If I did, Ardis might find something terrible my great-great grandfather did and then post it on the internet, with the strong suggestion I do something about it. I don't recall any general conference talks about how we are required to repent of our ancestors' sins. But don't worry. There are dedicated folks who will make sure we are aware we are all vile sinners because of things someone else did.


Anonymous2 said...

The funny thing is, after a quick skim, at least one or two of the things there aren't really that bad. Heaven forbid, for example, that someone should express trepidation about sharing germs with a member of a group that was, statistically, exponentially more likely to carry a particular disease than members of another group.

Some people just run around looking for an excuse to be offended, methinks. But then, no one needs to tell you that--right, Mister C? :-)

Mister Correlation said...

Me, I'm offended all the time by everything.

Anonymous said...

That was a reeeeeaaaally strange post. It's billed as this god-awful trip through racist hell, and then you read it and it's just this crap that was really common for its time. It was totally stupid, but yeah, that's the way people were back then. By the way they hated Mormons too. Please try not to freak out.