Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kaimi intends to create a theocracy.

It's been over a month, so I can talk about Kaimi now.

It's quite clear he wants to institute a theocracy
, where judges make rulings based on scripture instead of the law.

I always thought it was those darn conservatives who were out to usurp the rule of law and install a pastor-in-chief who would make judicial appointments based on biblical requirements. But, nope, it looks like it's those darn progressive types like Kaimi who are most interested in a theocracy (interesting, since it's clear that Kaimi doesn't actually believe the scriptures. It's almost enough to make one cynical about his real motivations).


Johnny said...

What will his beloved ACLU think of him?

Anonymous2 said...

Hmm. How will he deal with malcontents who take every opportunity to nit-pick at his benevolent rulers?

Mister Correlation said...

Must. Resist. Temptation. To. Snark. Kaimi. Again.

Really, this is embarrassing. He's posting like two or three times a day - it's like he's begging to be correlated or something.

But I can't focus on him too much. This isn't "Kaimi Correlation" after all.

Anonymous said...

It isn't? Maybe it should be. I hear Kaimi really goes in for self gratification.