Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Who is more damaging to the Church?

Devyn S. or Ex-mormons?

I was thinking about this question the other day as I read Devyn S.'s rather odd post wherein he compares a specific group with largely quantifiable aims, philosophies, and practices (ACLU) with a largely undefined and undefinable group with various competing goals, theologies, and customs (the so-called "religious right"). So, I figured I'd do the same to him.

Now, Devyn S. is (apparently) a faithful member of the church, and claims to believe in it on some level. However, Devyn is a bigot. Bigots are prejudiced against other groups, so much so that they see those groups as fungible, and claim they all contain the same negative traits. The bigot is incapable of seeing "those people" as individuals, and while a bigot may have some "best friends" from among the group they aim their bigotry at, on the whole they condemn the group. Devyn created perhaps the most bigoted post ever on the 'Nacle when he attacked married Mormon graduate students for sometimes using government aid (in a rather judgmental post that also exposed Devyn for being a hypocrite, as he constantly attacked others for being too judgmental). Now, Devyn is also clearly a bigot when it comes to the religious right, treating it as though it were equivalent to the ACLU, and everyone in it exactly the same.

Ex-mormons, even when indulging in anti-mormonism, have left the church and therefore can only attack it from the outside. They have no power to drag any substantial number of members along with them.

I would say then, that Devyn S. is more damaging. There are too many Ex-mormons predict what they as a group (if they can even be considered a group in any sort of demographic sense) would do or not do to the church. Devyn S., on the other hand, outright hates married Mormon graduate students on welfare, people with large families, and the religious right. As a (suppossedly) faithful, active member, he has more power to spread this bigotry amongst the members. Therefore, Devyn S. is a grave danger to the church as a whole.


Anonymous said...

No, he's no more dangerous than any of the other garden variety idiots out there. He's just more vocal about it.

If every bigot in the church were a danger to it, the church would have long ago ceased to exist.

Clearly, it must be supported by God. He ensures that people like Devyn are not allowed to do too much harm.

Devyn S said...

Classic - nice post. You forgot the other groups I hate including: John Birchers, the NRA and a few others...

Mister Correlation said...

One of these days, someone is going to read one of these posts, repent, and change their ways.

Unfortunately, it won't be Devyn S. Some might say it should be me, and I should repent of my sarcastic, snarky ways.

However, it's very hard for an abstract entity with no physical existence (such as myself) to repent.

Anonymous said...

Well, Mister Correlation, I was going to say you are my hero. But as you have no physical existence, I fear I must look elsewhere.

Mister Correlation said...

Well, from what I hear, many heroes don't really exist, so I don't see why I can't be a hero.