Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kaimi is Bizarro Adam Greenwood.

Once upon a time, Kaimi was interested in fruitful discussion and actually seemed interested in engaging those he disagreed with. He made honest attempts to understand others.

That was then. This is now.

He's apparently decided to become the bizarro Adam Greenwood. Content to rely on snarky asides and wildly distorted straw men (leave that to the snark sites, people), Kaimi has decided to decry and disdain instead of discuss.

[Of course, if he really is "Blogger of Nacle" or "Cafeteria Mormon" like the SnarkerNackle claimed, I take it all back - then Kaimi's feigned interest in real, productive debate was a feigned stance, designed to lull faithful, believing Mormons into a sense of complacency, so he could entrap them and drag them down to hell along with him.]


Anonymous said...

I think Greenwood has made some pretty astute comments about a) the convenience of KW's now (after the Prop 8 debate is over) suddenly hanging on to every word of the Prophets; and b) KW's arrogance in deigning to pronounce the Church's "position".

You think the physical Greenwood could do a post on the abstract Mister Correlation's blog? Or would that interaction be like the clash of matter and anti-matter, resulting in a black hole? :-)

Mister Correlation said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Adam.

Anonymous said...

Snarkernackle is correct. I heard it from the man himself.