Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dave asks the hard question.

That is an excellent question, Dave.

The answer is simple, of course. Acknowledging comment #11 would mean everyone would have to re-examine their preconceptions using actual facts. No one in the Bloggernacle is mentally equipped to do that.

Nope, it's better to let everyone jump in, build their bunkers, and start lobbing bombs at whatever hobby horses take their fancy (Look at me - I can mix metaphors with the best of 'em!).

Comment #11 should be ashamed for thinking anyone at Testy & Stormy would care about the actual facts when there were (meaningless) points to be scored and (pointless) agendas to be furthered.


Anonymous said...

You should have said "trojan horse" instead. That would have fit better.

Also, the real reason T&S people ignore comments like #11 is that they don't come from someone they already know. T&S is the most exclusionary clique in the nacle, and that's the real answer to Dave's hard question.

Mister Correlation said...

T&S is the most exclusionary clique in the nacle

Not sure if I agree with that. It is one of the most exclusionary cliques in the 'Nacle, but FMH and BCC give it a run for the top spot.

(Well, I would say M* is #1, but no one really reads them, new quantum permabloggers notwithstanding. They're exclusionary only in the sense people voluntarily exclude themselves, unlike BCC, where Steve Evans rules with an iron banning hand, or at FMH where all those who disagree are evil heretics to be cast out).