Monday, November 24, 2008

Apparently, Christ was neither ethical nor loving.

There's nothing too objectionable about this post, other than some vague self-righteous posturing and the problem of treating McConkie as the final authority on doctrine (but hey - better McConkie, who was actually an Apostle, then any of the lowlights in the 'Nacle who think they should be Apostles).

However, this comment was particularly interesting:

vegetarianism as a higher, healthier, more economical, ethical, and loving dietary choice

Someone better tell Jesus about that! He ate fish all the time! He even ate fish after being resurrected!!! (Luke 24:40 - 43). How dare he not follow the more ethical and loving way. Shame on him!

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Anonymous said...

Funny how McConkie's suddenly become so authoritative.

My, what itchy ears the 'nacclites have!