Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Open Letter to Times and Seasons

Given the recent press release and your own statement that "Times and Seasons is a place to gather and discuss ideas of interest to faithful Latter-day Saints", I'm requesting that you remove Kaimi and Julie from your list of permabloggers and ban them from the site, particularly in light of Kaimi's constant attacks on official church policy and his clearly stated non-belief in core Mormon doctrines and Julie's clear antagonism towards everyone who disagrees with her. Kaimi is neither faithful nor civil, and Julie is clearly not civil, though she can pass for faithful.

I question the propriety of T&S to continue to feature the writings of these two people. Actually, I don't, since it's clear the T&Sers are more interested in hating Glen Beck then doing actual church service.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Adam.

Mister Correlation said...

1. I haven't gone anywhere. I exist only on the internet, so there's no "back" or whatever.

2 I am Adam, but I am also Kaimi and Julie and Geoff B. and Geoff J. and Frank, etc. - I'm everyone who has ever interacted with the Bloggernacle or various assorted subsidiaries.

3. Adam's group blog/website has already attempted to do me on better and failed:

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Anonymous.

-Adam's Back