Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh, Snappity snappy snap!

So, the new rage in the Bloggernacle is FALSE (or at least, greatly misunderstood).

Of course, that didn't stop lots of idiots proclaiming this meant President Monson was Democrat (because Republicans kick poor people for fun).

Ardis, though
, said the wackiest thing. She dumped on those who say: "If charity is forced — whether extracted from us by a government or by the Church — it isn’t charity, it’s socialism."

Except no one says that. The Church cannot "extract" or "force" charity from us. It doesn't have the power to jail or shoot you if you fail to comply - the government does. Those who complain about socialism usually limit their complaints to the government. But Ardis is apparently a theocrat, believing that the Church is (or should) have the same power as the government. Either that, or she is more intellectually vapid than I thought (I used to think she was actually smart), she can't see the difference between the two, whereas her opponents can.

Next, she'll argue that people opposed to illegal immigration are opposed to all immigration or something.

UPDATE: At T&S they basically put their hands over their ears and scream "LA LA LA LA WE'RE NOT LISTENING! THERE IS SO A FOURFOLD PURPOSE." Amazingly, Kaimi is the voice of reason, pointing out that it just ain't so. But no one cares to listne. Dan and queuno are way too interested in trying to show that this shows the Church has suddenly lurched left (good luck with that and remember to dry yourselves off when you wake up) and everyone else is just plain weird in their insistence that it's a fourfould mission when the article linked to explicitly says the threefold remains the threefold and the rest are just additional "purposes" being emphasized.

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Since when can permas at T&A count to four?