Thursday, May 14, 2009

The sexism continues at BCC

Here's a mormon man, totally disagreeing with his wife and saying his ways are better. The almost exclusively male commentators tell him how wise and wonderful he is for disagreeing with his wife. Patriarchal bullcrap, I tell you.

Of course, it's BCC, so don't expect anyone else to call them on it.


madhousewife said...

Well, I would have called him on the patriarchal bullcrap, but I decided to call him full of crap in general.

Morgan Deane said...

I thought you would correlated the Nibley post this week.

Morgan Deane said...

Its over here:

Mister Correlation said...

I totally agree. Nibley was smarter than TT.

Some posts almost correlate themselves. I think I'm more likely to correlate some of those comments than the initial post. We'll see.