Monday, May 25, 2009

queuno, keeping it real.

Check this out. queuno states that he hopes Glenn Beck is excommunicated.

Well, based on this, I'm sure that queuno will be excommunicated. Not because I want him to be - I would never wish that fate on anyone. I'm sure of it because of the scriptures.

Matthew 7: 1 - 2
Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged.

queuno has judged Glenn Beck (un?)worthy of excommunication. Since the scriptures state that whatever judgment you make will be returned to you, this judgment will be returned to queuno.

Sorry, man. Don't worry. In the liberal portions of the bloggernacle (where you like to dwell), excommunication can be a badge of honor.

[I'm going to ignore any comments that claim these scriptures apply to me. Of course they do. I already know that. However, I'm not really judging. I merely state the facts. Or make stuff up. Or say whatever comes to mind. But definitely NOT judging. See my disclaimer over to the right.]


Anonymous said...

Queuno should have been exed a long time ago.

Mister Correlation said...

Now, now, that's not very nice. To say if someone "should" be exed or not is best left to a church court.
I don't think queuno should be exed, because I don't want to wish such a fate on anyone. That's just mean.

My claim is that queuno should be very wary about being judged with the same judgment he makes of others (actually, that's something the whole 'Nacle should worry about).

Anonymous said...

Anonymous should have just called for Queuno to be executed. No judgment there!

-Adam Greenwood