Monday, October 13, 2008

The Thread That Wouldn't Die

It's a Zombie thread now, because it clearly eats brains.

The proof is that no one on this thread has said anything remotely intelligent, so I figure the undead spirit that is animating it has eaten all their brains.

Seriously - the whole thing is an exercise in trying to excuse Devyn S.'s bigoted, anti-Christian, and judgmental attitude (the best part is when he starts telling commentators to stop being so judgmental when they point out how judgmental he is. Mote - beam, etc. You know the drill).

The rambling, shambling corpse of a thread should have collapsed under its own weight and putrescence a long time ago. I'm guessing Devyn is some sort of satanic necromancer - it's the only way he could keep something this evil alive for so long.


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