Saturday, October 11, 2008

I wasn't aware that Blogging was equivalent to a church calling.

In fact it isn't. This actually explains a lot, though. Permafrosters at BCC and elsewhere have apparently convinced themselves that the Bloggernacle is a ward and they all hold callings. Apparently, blogging about inane topics and getting into self-righteous oneupmanship in comment threads counts as magnifying your calling.

My guess is, the bishopric in the Bloggernacle ward are Steve Evans, Kaimi, and Kevin Barney. Adam Greenwood in nursery leader. Ardis is the Relief Society president, but ECS is so sure that it should be her and is busy trying to create a separate following through her book club.

Well, frankly, they should all go out and actually magnify their real church callings (if they have any - I can see why a smart Bishop or SP would avoid giving a calling to someone who would rather blog than help with the Boy Scout camping trip). The Bloggernacle is not a substitute for actual service in the Gospel, and I doubt that God will accept "complete works of my comments and posts at BCC" as an excuse when asked why the widows went unvisited and the orphans were unfed.

And Julie Smith is the Ward Librarian, of course.

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