Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kaimi at the Final Judgment.

God: What part of "no tea" don't you understand?

Kaimi: But Green Tea is to Black Tea like grape juice is to wine. And grape juice is okay.

God: When I say no tea, I mean no tea.

Kaimi: But what about chamomile tea?

God: There's no tea there, so it's not tea.

Kaimi: But what about nuance? Things aren't always so clear cut. You said "hot drinks" - so Iced Green Tea was fine.

God: When I had my servants say "no tea" - I meant "no tea." I am allowed to clarify the meaning of scripture through the pronouncements of the prophets.

Kaimi: But it's so obvious that things aren't clear cut and black and white when it comes to tea.

God: Damned lawyers. And I mean that in the most literal sense. Enjoy your stay in hell, Kaimi.

My comment to Kaimi: No tea means no tea, not "here's why I'm more clever than God."


Stephen said...

But aren't we all more clever than God?

I could have sworn that the Book of Mormon praises vain thoughts and the fact that when we are learned we are wise.

Or am I confused?

Mister Correlation said...

We're all pretty much confused here, nearly all the time.

Really, I just wanted an excuse to see if I could become one of the top Google hits for "God Damned Lawyers" without actually cussing.