Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blog Readers - you have the freedom to stop reading!

Just a self-righteous thought this evening: Not finishing a blog post can be a liberating experience. When you're reading a post that increasingly implicates everyone who enjoyed The Dark Knight as depraved, cold hearted sinners, or otherwise as dark, benighted souls -well, you don't have to stay there and encourage them in their joyless decrepitude. Once you realize you're reading someone's attempt to prove they are among the chosen few who see through to the ugliness and filth inherent in the soul of all Batman fans, you don't have to sit there and read dozens more commentators jump in and agree. It's OK to say, "This is stupid. I'd rather go read something like Bloggernacle Correlation."


Tone-A-Licious said...

Huh? Someone writes that it can be a good idea to walk out of an offensive movie - a nice reminder that we don't have to feel obligated to sit there and soak in whatever someone dishes out - and that's supposed to be self-righteous? What's your problem with that post?

Mister Correlation said...

Obviously, you are a cold hearted, apostate, emotionally numb person who has fully given him (or her) self over to evil.

And you should read the entire posts and comments at every link in this post, not just the first post linked to. My aim is much wider than the initial post I'm parodying.