Sunday, July 7, 2013

If I see that "Howard" has posted a lot of comments

If I see that "Howard" has posted a lot of comments on a particular thread on any Bloggernacle post, I tremble in fear.

Most discussion threads in the 'Nacle are wastes of time, and their value is near zero.

Howard, however, with his snide passive-aggressive progressive self-righteousness, actually creates negative value. Reading his comments doesn't just waste time, it actively steals values from time you spend doing valuable things.

Me, I'm the disembodied embodiement of the discontent on and of the Bloggernacle and its various subsideries and spin-offs.  I have to read it all (the horror - the horror).  You, on the other hand, might find your productive morning suddenly losing all it's value because you chose to read Howard's take over of a thread.

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