Monday, December 13, 2010

Steve Evans is totally in touch with reality.

Steve Evans is bold, forthright, and honest.  He isn't afraid to tell the truth - a truth that accurately reflects the realness of real reality.

Here, he confidently and accurately states that
anyone who thinks this post is about Cleon Skousen . . . is wrong. In fact, I feel so strongly about my intuition in this respect that I can say with warmth in my heart that whomever didn’t see this from the get-go is probably a poor reader, and possibly myopic
 I mean, it's not like the post's first paragraph ends like this:
I, on the other hand, think Skousen was crazy
 or that the entire post is basically dedicated to proving Skousen wrong.  I mean, if that was all true, Steve would be in denial of reality.  But he's such a truth seeker and truth teller, he knows what's really up.  Good job Steve.  Glad to have you around to keep us in the strait and narrow jacket.

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