Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How do people find this blog?

Via very odd search terms. Here are some of the oddest:

Bloggernacle Correlation

This makes no sense. I thought that search query led people here instead.

margaret blair young

Hi Margaret! Doing some ego surfing are we? Interesting that this search term appeared on my keyword list right before mjby attacked me over on Snarkernacle.

porn bcc

Yes, they are a bunch of addicts over at bcc. So what? Do you really need to do a search to figure that out?

i hate glen beck
we hate glen beck
glen beck hater

Dan is still apparently dropping by. As is Julie, Steve, and the whole cast and crew of "T&S" and "BCC"

those who dare to go beneath the surface do so at their peril

Dang straight. Below the surface of the Bloggernacle is a cesspool of scum and wretchedness. Abandon all hope, ye who dare to go beneath the surface of this bunch.

what does my julie means?

I wish I knew. I mean, other than "look at me! I'm a nice little liberal who holds all the politically correct opinions."


Ms. Jack Meyers said...

You will be tickled to know that I have received numerous hits for "mister correlation," which I have now redirected to the proper authorities.

Anonymous2 said...

Wow, some people must be pretty desperate for readership to stoop to planting links to their blogs here, of all places.

Or maybe it's just narcissism.

Ms. Jack Meyers said...

Yes, and yes.

Anonymous said...


Obviously not narcissism, or else how do you explain the photo.