Friday, October 9, 2009

No one is righteous, but precious few drug little girls in order to [you know]

See, when Alma told his son that some sins are worse than others, and then condemned his son for sexual sins - well, it's a good thing that Alma's son wasn't matt b., or Alma may have gotten intellectually smacked down with an erudite version of "Well, you're a sinner too, dad. So don't judge me, man."

Matt b. in a rather long post at Juvey Hall. It takes him FOREVER to get to the point at the end:
But on the flip side, there’s a caution here for the rest of us as well; those of us who see in Polanski the sinner that we are not, those of us who equate religion with law and judge juridical faultlessness to be unblemished righteousness. Polanski’s demons rage inside each one of us,

Perhaps matt b. is hoping we won't notice what he just said.

While there's a germ of truth in this (we all have sinful desires) - frankly, Polanski's demons do not rage inside us. Matt b. seems to think having the temptation to tell a little white lie is the same as - well, this is a family blog. You can google what Polanski did if you must.

So, going by what matt b. argues, every time you break the speed limit, you're just as bad as Polanski. Well, no wonder everyone in Babylon is defending him. And Alma was wrong to do all that preaching repentance - he should have been more like matt b. and spent time searching his own soul to realize the same demons existed inside him. In fact, all the prophets and apostles should do the same. Then we can stop worrying about them telling us to improve.

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Anonymous2 said...

Well, duh. If you really want to get the bloggernacle riled up over dirty old men and young women, the name to use isn't Roman Polanski. It's Helen Mar Kimball.