Thursday, June 12, 2008

Correlation - Juvenile Instructor Made Me Puke

Dangnabbit. I’m struck dumb, and therefore must write. This is a real post from Juvenile Instructor that is still listed on their front page. Click on the link to see that Joel pretty much buys into the radical, liberal, anti-democratic socialism they're selling on campus theses days. He actually believes that his fellow socialists in training are "making the world a better place through their research and writing". He seems to be operating out a nineteenth century Marxist vuew, whether he knows it or not.

Now, I’m not sure what his point is, other than that he actually holds open the possibility he could lose his religious faith merely because it might cause to much cognitive dissonance with his true first loyalty. Rather than realize that his fellow historians are in fact working to make the world a more Balkanized place (with plenty of restrictions on free speech a la Canada) where conservatives are treated as social pariahs and only mushy mainstream religion with few actual beliefs can be tolerated - well, Joel just keeps on believing there's something to turning academics into activism,. and that his religion may not be as important as what his fellow radicals preach.

Hasn't he read Stanly Fish's debunking of the whole sordid thing? He and his fellow historians should heed its title's advice: Save the World on Your Own Time!

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