Thursday, May 15, 2008

Does Kaimi even post at T&S even more?

He's posting at FMH
(and proving he hasn't read Fast Food Nation, because if you've read that book, you know Jesus would strike you dead on the spot if you tried to give him a Cheeseburger)

He's posting at BCC
(and proving he really is a FLAKer, since it's clear he doesn't really believe the church's teachings on marriage)

But at T&S? Silence.

Is there a background purge going on? Is Adam Greenwood finally making his move, and soon he will dominate the blog? Or perhaps Kaimi's just bored hanging around with the moderates, and feels he needs to move closer to the DAMU.

(As for last week - no post, cause there was nothing worth correlating. I can only work with what y'all give me. Trust me - there will be a correlated post later this week!)


Mister Correlation said...

Looks like the Snarker (a true master) beat me to this by a few hours. Should have posted this earlier.

Anonymous said...


-His Greenwoodcy