Thursday, April 10, 2008

Relief Society Programs - You make the call!

You have recently been shamed into accepting a lowly calling to a position in the ward that requires your attendance at ward council (if they only recognized your true  talents, you'd be Bishop!) You just moved in six days ago, and one of the things you noticed right away is how people in the ward are busybodies who apparently have no leisure time and ignore their families in order to waste time at long meetings. You're already looking at a new residence in another state with fewer Mormons.

This Sunday the bishop has "asked" all auxiliaries to present an rather lengthy overview of their planned activities for the year, as well as an over-inflated budget number. It is no surprise that everyone seems to have graduated from an MBA program, what with PowerPoint presentations and spreadsheets ready to hand out to the members of the council (think of all the dead trees!). The sheet from the Relief Society president catches your eye because it contains pictures of scantily clad men and some very big . . . numbers. When it is his turn, she explains that plans are underway to take the women of the ward to Las Vegas to see "The Thunder From Down Under."  Because of the distance, they plan to fly there, and they also need extra gambling money, at $500 per day per participant. In round figures, the activity calls for about $300,000 to cover expenses for 30 women, or around $10,000 per head.

The Relief Society president assures the council that plans are well underway to raise all the money privately, and besides, if you criticize their decision, you're a patriarchal sexist enforcing codes of Victorian/Puritan morality on women who just want to have a good time. You have a regularly scheduled PPI with the bishop immediately after church today that you were planning on skipping so you could go fishing. Will you decide to go anyway and say something about the planned RS activity? Why or why not? If your answer is yes, what will you say?  And if you do, are you a misogynist pig with retrograde notions of female sexuality?

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